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In order to get the master ID, you can directly get in touch with our sales team through chat button at the top right corner of our website or by clicking here. One of our Relationship Managers would assist you with the following details;

  1. You can get the list of Sports Exchanges we offer.
  2. You can select the exchanges you need and get demo login details for the Master ID panel along with its User ID, to review.
  3. ⁠You can get the share rate prices for the selected exchanges.
  4. Upon final deal, you can get the deposit details, deposit the amount and get your Master ID with the credit deposited with in 15 – 30 Minutes.

Once you get a Master ID of any exchange, for example at 20 Paisa Per Coin / 20% Share Rate, you will get each credit coin in your Master ID panel for 20 Paisa. Then you can sell those credits to your Punter at Rs. 1 per coin, which means 80 Paisa is your profit for each coin. Now for example if you get 100,000 Credit at 20 Paisa, you will buy it in 20,000 INR and now can sell it in 100,000 INR, with 80,000 Profit.
Note: Every exchange has a different share rate which may vary.

From the Master ID, you can create a User IDs for the punters and sell them credit that you purchase from us initially. You will have to provide the credentials (login details) of User ID to punter. For each of the User ID that you sell, punter will pay you the cash in advance for the credit and if punter loses the credits purchased, punter will get a refill by paying a real cash amount against every refill.

An Admin ID is the top-end level ID through which, you can create Master and  Agent ID that you can sell at a higher share rate to bookies. You can also create User IDs that you can directly sell to your punters.

Same like Admin ID, Master ID is an ID through which you can sell Agent IDs to bookies and User IDs to the punters.

Through Agent ID, you can only create User IDs for punters.

First of all, there is an estimated ratio of 80%/20% in punters losing and winning, which means, if you sell User IDs to 10 people, 8 of them (80%) would be losing and 2 of them (20%) might win, however if you calculate the amount of total deposits minus total withdrawals, it is mostly in profit. In case, if in any week, you are in loss, there are 2 options. Either you can resell the credit that you get from the winning punters to other punters. Otherwise, you can settle with us and sell us the credit at the same percentage at which you got the credit from us.

If you purchase Master ID, we do not provide clients/punters along with the Master ID, however we do provide Digital Marketing services for online books. Get in touch with us for more details.

Unfortunately at the moment, we do not provide Master ID on rental/credit system.
Play Profits is one of the most trusted platforms and a one stop solution for any online Betting Business/Platform. Play Profits is the Pioneer platform, providing you with the Master ID access before making any deposits. At Play Profits, you can access multiple services at one place, either its Master IDs, Digital Marketing services or an integration solution for your own betting platform.

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